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For the past two weeks I’ve binged on Elle Cosimano’s first two novels in her Finlay Donovan series so that I could listen and review the latest in the series, Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun. If you love mysteries that are a few steps beyond cozy ones, are funny with a touch of romance thrown in, I highly recommend this series. Now, on to the review of Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun.

Blurb: Finlay Donovan has been in messes before—after all, she’s an author and single mom who’s a pro at getting out bloodstains for rather unexpected reasons—but none quite like this. After she and her nanny/partner-in-crime Vero accidentally destroyed a luxury car that they may have “borrowed” in the process of saving the life of Finlay’s ex-husband, the Russian mob got her out of debt. But now Finlay owes them

Still running the show from behind bars, mob boss Feliks has a task for Finlay: find a contract killer before the cops do. Problem is, the killer might be an officer.

Luckily, hot cop Nick has started up a citizen’s police academy, and combined pressure from Finlay’s looming book deadline and Feliks is enough to convince Finlay and Vero to get involved. Through firearm training and forensic classes (and some hands-on research with the tempting detective), Finlay and Vero have the perfect cover-up to sleuth out the real criminal and free themselves from the mob’s clutches—all the while dodging spies, confronting Vero’s past, and juggling the daily trials of parenthood.

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Elle Cosimano’s latest addition to her Finlay Donovan series begins with our heroine, Finlay, trying to diffuse a loaded situation, which foreshadows much of the action in Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun, a novel that alternates between hilarious, gripping, and steamy.

Finlay and her nanny/accountant/sidekick, Vero, have joined a course at the citizen’s police academy, which allows them to hide from Vero’s loan sharks while also searching for the hired killer known as EasyClean, whom they suspect is a cop. It seems like a win-win situation. In Finlay’s world nothing is ever straight-forward and that is the case here as the women find themselves in over their heads yet still resourceful.

Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun allows the reader to hang with many of the characters in the preceding novels and introduces us to a few more like hot cop Nick’s former partner Charlie, firearms instructor Wade (who has my vote for hot cop), along with a kickass cyber cop, who may become Georgia’s love interest.

Unlike the previous two novels which I read (thank you library), I listened to Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun and I’ve got to tell you that Angela Dawe’s narration just made this so much fun. Cozy mysteries are not usually page turners (can audiobooks be page turners?!) but the narration definitely made this a page turner. I listened while I was doing all kinds of chores and even made a few up just so I could listen.

Yes, there are scenes that may seem over-the-top but I lapped them up because they were funny as well as outrageous–the stuff of slapstick comedy duos. (I Love Lucy, the murder years mystery, anyone? I read to be entertained and this one did just that. So. Much. Fun.

As I mentioned above, Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun introduced a new hot cop, Wade, who would make a great hero. Perhaps in a spin-off series. Or something. Anything. Please.

Many thanks to Macmillan Audio for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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