What the World Needs Now

I was very fortunate to be a child in a time when some of the very best music was being made. The soundtrack to my childhood included the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, the Carpenters, Led Zeppelin, and the song-writing duo of Hal David and Burt Bacharach, the latter of whom died yesterday at the age of 94.

A huge Dionne Warwick fan, I sang along with her songs before I even knew they were written by Bacharach and David. “Say A Little Prayer” was always my favorite and remains in my top 20 even now. (My apologies to Aretha Franklin who had a hit with it; I never even knew Aretha had a version until many years later.) And, how can you forget that marvelous scene in My Best Friend’s Wedding when the ensemble at the spur of the moment sings that song? It’s probably my favorite scene in the entire movie.

But that song was just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure that you’ve heard of at least one of these:

The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield
What’s New Pussy Cat by Tom Jones
What the World Needs Now by Jackie DeShannon
Close to You by the Carpenters
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by B.J. Thomas
A House is Not a Home by Luther Vandross

There are so many and I’m sure I forgot someone’s personal favorite.

Even now, they are such amazing songs. As usual The New York Times wrote a fantastic piece on his life and I encourage you to check it out to learn more.

Burt Bacharach May 12, 1928 – February 8, 2023


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  1. I used to sing along with that song when it played on the radio. Thanks for the reminder about the great scene in My Best Friend’s Wedding! The whole flick deserves a rewatch.

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