The Post Before The Post

I have several book reviews to post and, weirdly, several involve the pandemic. Or maybe that’s not at all weird considering where we are.

However, what I consider weird is the number of reviewers I’ve read who say #toosoon. It’s too soon to write about the pandemic. “I can’t read about anything to do with the pandemic because it’s too soon.” #toosoon

Too soon to write about the pandemic.

I repeated that phrase to just let it soak in.

I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that it’s too soon to write about something that affected so many, so deeply. Too soon?

Too soon is a phrase that’s used to joke about something that’s morbid or hurting or dead that just happened. No, the person just died and it’s too soon to make that awful joke about their penchant for whatever bad or gross habit they had. It’s too soon to laugh about . . .

But those of us who survived and have a story to tell, we’re told by a few….that it’s too soon? I hope that someone who feels that way can explain, because I see nothing in the reviews that tell me why authors shouldn’t tell their stories except that maybe lives were put on hold. That’s a very big club. If that’s the reason . . .

If you’re among the #toosoon club and would love to share your reasons, I’d equally love to hear them. ❤ No judgement here for honest reveals.

2 thoughts on “The Post Before The Post

  1. I think it depends on what happened to YOU (as an individual) during the pandemic. Most people were inconvenienced by COVID but didn’t suffer any deep loss, while others lost loved ones, jobs, businesses, and homes. The economy was decimated and I’m still trying to get a house built, two years later, but I have a place to live, my family is well, my animals are fine and while things could be better, I didn’t lose someone I love while also not being allowed to be by their side when they passed. But I imagine many are traumatized by various facets of the pandemic. Me? I’m just pissed at the government for how the pandemic was handled. Right now, I wouldn’t want to read a storyline about the pandemic because I’m tired of dealing with it.

    1. Thanks, Maggie. Except for one book, which I’ll probably review today, none centered around the pandemic but show what happens in 2020 because it’s pretty hard to ignore.

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