Empty Snow Day #poetry

Empty Snow Day

I wish there’d been more snow this winter
the pink dark sky
the cascading diamonds 
shimmering as they tumble 
upon each other
hush, hush, hush
how I’d step out, the gentle crunch beneath
the melting flakes on skin, lifting my face
snow so soft, seemingly benign.
How the world seems spellbound,
pure, pristine, new.

The next morning kids yelling, throwing snowballs, sledding,
the mother who says, “You have no kids?”
A shake of the head. “You don’t know what you’re missing.
You are nothing till you have kids.”
Thanks for that. 

I remember the father shaking his kid on the front lawn
days after covid lockdown.

I am something.
More than.

The mother might not agree but life is good even without--
how can she know my life?

Some days are bliss.
And some winters the snow falls
pinks, grays, white, silent, echoing, abundant,
and I dance, if only inside.

Sascha Darlington ©2023

11 thoughts on “Empty Snow Day #poetry

  1. maybe, she was probably trying to help herself a bit for being fed up at times, for having no time to herself. I think it’s wonderful to have kids, but there are drawbacks to every way of life too….

  2. I wanted snow
    Want snow
    For those who know snow
    And love it
    Have to live in memories

    Lovely, Sascha

    Tale Spinning

  3. Living in the south (southern states of America), things like this remind me of why I missing the north. … and then I think about shoveling the snow.

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