C is for Changes #AtoZChallenge

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Time May Change Me

Ever since the wedding last weekend, Tom’s been sullen. Tom is never sullen. He’s been playing through David Bowie’s repertoire, frequently revisiting Changes as if it’s his mantra.

I can’t help recalling the moment when I’d ridiculed Bowie saying that “Let’s Dance” was one horrible song.

Tom’s jaw fell. “That’s a fantastic song,” he said and then immediately schooled me on all things Bowie, sent me a playlist with an email file that explained in far too much detail what made each song great. I learned about and appreciated David Bowie despite myself. And, finally, I shrugged, half-heartedly said, “It’s pretty fantastic that he managed to reinvent himself over and over again.”

Joy flooded Tom’s face. “Yes. He was self-taught–a true autodidact–and amazing. He kept writing and being relevant even up to his death.”

There was something engaging about Tom’s enthusiasm and it had allowed the oddest thought to enter my mind all those years ago: I could fall in love with my best friend. And then the little voice that doesn’t like to upset the apple cart or accept changes asked, “And then where would you be?”

As Tom plays through the chords, I smile at him. “I like that song.”

“Yeah? I’m thinking about making it my theme song for this year,” he says before taking his guitar by the neck and leaving the room.

What kind of changes? Why does my stomach suddenly feel so upset?


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