F is for Fade Into You #AtoZChallenge

Suddenly Kim has become a more interesting and layered character for me to write about, which means I have to examine Jazz some more and make her more interesting, create depth and explore. But anyway, with F I chose one of my favorite songs, “Fade into You.” It’s a song that could be interpreted as unrequited love or falling so deeply in love and the other person isn’t there and they’re not who you think they are and they miss all of the signals and seem oblivious, which I think kinds of fits for Kim. So, here we go.


Mom looks tired but happy. I’m choked up to see her here.

She pushes a wayward curl behind my ear while her intense jade eyes examine my face as if assuring herself that I’m fine, happy.

“You sounded so ethereal singing that song. I knew you could sing, but I never knew you could sing like that. I recorded it to send to your gran. She’ll be so proud. I am too,” she says, almost breathless as if there are other words she wants to say tangled all inside what she really does say.

“I’m so happy you could make it.”

“Rhonda covered my shift and I owe her, but it’s worth it just to hear you sing. That’s the boy, huh?”

I look down at my Chucks, feel my cheeks pinken despite myself.

“Don’t fade into any boy, hon. Never.”

My eyes meet hers. For the briefest of seconds I want to tell her that she couldn’t know, but I know she does. I know how in love with my father she was and just what he turned out to be. I shrug and glance away. Fade into Tom? I want to. But I also don’t want to.

Unexpectedly she hugs me tight. “I’ve been there. I’ll be here as long as God lets me.”

I swallow hard and let her hug me as long as she wants. My mom has always been in my corner and will always be in my corner. As long as her God lets her.

She pats me on the back, swipes away a tear as she shakes her head and looks away. “Go to IHop for pancakes?”



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  1. I really like this exchange. It does add depth through the understanding between mother and daughter. Really enjoyed it

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