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Blurb: Finally Lord and King of Eastrealm, Othrun aims to restore the glory of his drowned homeland, Atalantyx. But dangerous warlords are determined to stop Othrun from rising to further power.

Furthermore, Eastrealm’s ruler must confront internal forces that could tear his new kingdom apart. Embattled Othrun is also devastated by personal tragedy. His belief in his Single God, and his ambiguous guiding spirit, has never been more tenuous.

To fight his enemies, Othrun needs more than faith, or his formidable knights. He needs a mage on his side. Is the conniving Queen Lysi, with her divided loyalties, and her own designs for Othrun, the ally he needs? Or, are there other mages who can help the beleaguered young king, who he can trust?

And, Lysi is not the only formidable queen Othrun must contend with. An inexorable power, tied to ancient founders of Eltnish civilization, is coming. A legendary ruler, the likes of whom has not been seen for centuries, plans to reclaim what’s owed to her.

She is named, Undala.

Fear for Othrun, and anyone else who dares stand in her way.

Othrun is clever, bold, resourceful. Yet, kingship comes with many challenges, including facing the cunning, powerful, vengeful enemies surrounding him, marking him for death. Will Othrun’s reign end on the battlefield, in blood, before it’s barely begun?

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Thank you, P.L Stuart, for reaching out to me and sending me an advance readers copy of Lord and King, the third book in The Drowned Kingdom Saga

I appreciated how P.L Stuart seamlessly recapped the past events from the previous books, as it had been a while since I had read A Drowned Kingdom and The Last of the Atalanteans. I found Lord and King to be a thought-provoking book, as Stuart writes about issues and actions that are driven by deep-rooted prejudice, ignorance, and power.  Written in the first person enabled the feelings and emotions of the characters to seep through this vivid, emotional, and, at times, horrific story, which unfolded in front of me. 

I enjoyed having the characters in this book back in my life. There was a number of surprises as the Atalanteans settle into their new life. The characters were built on and developed which added a new depth to their relationships. It was exciting to meet new strong characters that are introduced in Lord and King that add to this epic story.

It was good to be back on the journey with King Othrun again as he builds his kingdom through discovery and growth, as he faces and overcomes some of his own prejudices.  

I gave a little cry of ‘NO’ when the book finished. I look forward to the next book in this saga. 

If you enjoy historical fantasy, I would definitely recommend this The Drowned Kingdom Saga, which just keeps getting better and better with each entry.

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    1. Hello, it’s part of a series. However, I feel you could read it as a stand alone book as the author recaps the previous book. Though I’m sure you will need /want to read the next books in the series. Let me know what you think, if you decide to read it as a stand alone book.

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