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Thank goodness for suspenseful thrillers, that’s all I can say. Alas, you know that ending phrase is not true. I always have a lot to say. 😉

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Blurb: Picture a lovely cottage on a cliff, with sloping lawns, walking paths, and beautiful flowers. It’s Gabe and Pippa Gerard’s dream home in a sleepy coastal town. But their perfect house hides something sinister. The tall cliffs have become a popular spot for people to end their lives. Over the past several months, Gabe comes to their rescue, literally talking them off the ledge.

Until one day, he doesn’t. When Pippa discovers Gabe knew the victim, the questions spiral. . . .Did the victim jump? Was she pushed? And would Gabe, the love of Pippa’s life, her soulmate . . . lie? As the perfect façade of their marriage begins to crack, the deepest and darkest secrets begin to unravel. Because sometimes, the most convincing lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

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You get married. You support your other half as you can. Sometimes thick and thin represent one great splotch of multi-colored paint. But you love because you’ve found your Soulmate, even if you’re not entirely sure who they are.

Gabe Gerard entered Pippa’s life on a day when she looked the worse for wear after her boyfriend dumped her. And, yet, Gabe thought she looked wonderful and wanted to see her again. When he doesn’t call, Pippa figures that she’s been ghosted, but Gabe re-enters her life with the best of excuses as to why he hadn’t called. At first they seem to have a fairytale marriage but then Gabe starts having ups-and-downs, growing increasingly unreliable. They makes changes. Gabe improves. A move to the coast seems to benefit him greatly, especially when he becomes the savior to so many potential suicide victims. But then there’s one he doesn’t save. And then Pippa discovers the identity of the woman and nothing will ever be the same again in Sally Hepworth’s nail-biting The Soulmate.

If you love mysteries, then you most definitely won’t think it odd when I say just how gleefully satisfying a well-written, twisty murder mystery can be. Those red herrings pointing you in the wrong direction. The guesses as to motive. And the ultimate: what’s going to happen next?

While there isn’t a lot of thriller in The Soulmate, there is a lot of page-turning and guessing what’s going on and why.

The Soulmate is told from two POVs, Pippa and Amanda, the woman who went over the cliff. Between both POVs we learn a great deal about the women as well as the men in their lives, Gabe and Max. And, we come to learn that everything we thought we knew at the beginning, just isn’t so. The reader’s sympathies change hands.

Sally Hepworth does a very good job of showing the effects of mental illness on a relationship and its outward thrust that affects more than just the immediate family.

The plot is an onion in which we just keep peeling layers to find the surprising core.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Review of The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth @SallyHepworth @StMartinsPress

  1. I’m not too sure about this one, obviously with mysteries it’s hard to give a detailed review, and in all honesty the cover isn’t a great selling point 😕

    1. For the most part, my reviews of mysteries tend to be slim for the mere fact that I reach a point and begin to wonder if I’m about to spoil a plot point. In The Soulmate so much is entwined that I just decided to stop. Half the fun of reading a mystery is unpeeling that onion. At least for me. Funnily enough (for being a book blogger) I’m not big on covers. Maybe if it would be one for my own. But I’ve seen covers that have been great and have nothing whatsoever to do with the novel. I wonder if they had attempted to make that drop look more sinister if it would have been more appealing? Those pink flowers are a bit misleading. 😀

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