H is for Halley’s Comet #AtoZChallenge

Never say never. Never say die. Ah, well, we’ll give it the old college try. (It rhymes. 😉 )

The One, A Flashfiction

I went to a tarot reader who said, “Girl, there’s love in your future.” So, I’m out tonight looking for him because I know he’s there somewhere.

It’s the music that tempts me, draws me into a bar I’d never go, not alone, anyway, where between chords the voices are too loud, slurring. An out-of-control scene I usually avoid because bad things happen here. Not tonight, though, because he’s here.

Long fingers encircle the guitar neck, stroke the strings, charm notes from the instrument the way only a devil could do. And, I know. I know the way you know with that first bite of chocolate cream pie. He’s the one.


7 thoughts on “H is for Halley’s Comet #AtoZChallenge

  1. Doomed.
    Never heard Billie Eilish before. Sounds stoned out of her mind. But maybe that’s just the way she sounds and she isn’t.

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