Review of Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cooking for Beginners by Erin Alderson

Let’s eat! Er. I guess we’ve got to cook first so let’s look at this . . .

Blurb: Transition to a vegetarian diet—or just add more meat-free meals to your repertoire—easily and deliciously with this collection of simple, affordable, and satisfying go-to recipes.

Greens, beans, fruit, and grains make a healthy and sustainable diet for you and for the earth, but finding vegetable-based recipes that taste delicious and are easy to make is sometimes a challenge, especially if you are new to vegetarianism. This abridged and affordable edition of Erin Alderson’s The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen makes vegetarian cooking accessible and flavorful for anyone who wants to learn to enjoy eating meat-free—even if it’s just some of the time.

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cooking for Beginners offers tasty and satisfying vegetable-based recipes that will satisfy even the hungriest eaters all day long. Each recipe offers ideas on how to up protein levelscustomize taste, and feed your whole family—or just you. Even meat eaters will love these enticing dishes.

This book will help you establish a collection of recipes that you will want to make again and again, offering simple and affordable solutions for a happy and satisfied transition to an all-plant diet. Beans, greens, grains, fruits, and spices make each meal memorable, from breakfast to dinner, plus snacks and desserts.

You will find staple recipes such as saladssandwichesstir-friescasserolesstewsfrittatasomeletsbarssmoothies, and so much more, which can be easily adapted to seasonal or on-hand ingredients. Core recipes offer cooks an essential pantry list, so eating vegetarian is always easy. MexicanItalian, and classic American fare are all included for a wide range of options to make vegetarian eating as easy as possible for beginners.

Whatever leads you on your path to a meat-free lifestyle, Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cooking for Beginners is the place to start you new plant-based approach to eating well.

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At this point I can’t tell you how many beginner vegetarian cookbooks I’ve looked at, some I’ve even reviewed. Unfortunately the majority tend to regurgitate tried-and-true recipes that I’ve seen dozens of times before with little to no alteration in the recipe whatsoever.

Enter Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cooking for Beginners by Erin Alderson.

In the first few pages in which Alderson presents some breakfast recipes I knew I was going to like this cookbook. The recipes go beyond the typical smoothies and overnight oats. There are frittata recipes and omelets, scones, quiches, something called a Dutch Baby, that I’m dying to try, and porridge amongst others. One thing I really like is that Alderson gives the straight-forward recipes and then gives multiple variations. So I’ll not only be able to bake a regular Dutch Baby (which sounds very, very wrong, ha) but I’ll be able to make a Lemon, Blackberry, Einkorn or a Multigrain Herbed Pea or a Pecan Pear one as well, just based on the original recipe.

The following sections include recipes for lunches and dinners (welcome all riffs on grilled cheese!) with interesting variations on quesadillas, fried rice, pizza, baked potatoes, lasagna (which I’m excited about trying as I’m still searching for that one vegetarian lasagna recipe that will make me happy), enchiladas, and others. These recipes look pretty kid friendly too.

I also like the fact that the recipes use whole foods, minimal sweetener in the desserts. There is a nectarine upside-down cake that is calling my name.

All in all, this is an exciting entry for beginner vegetarians and even ones like me who have been cooking veg for many, many years now.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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