J is for January Hymn #AtoZChallenge

I’m going to Wichita . . . oops…wrong song.

Flash. Flash. FLASH!

Words Melt into Snow

The snow doesn’t let up. As if I needed a reminder of how chilled I am.

There’s an old, old song about a guitar being a friend. Mine isn’t now. It betrays me with each mis-struck chord, each jarring pluck of strings, as I try to write in this drafty attic room, missing her, knowing I betrayed.

Pride fails to warm.

It’s been months.

Wind howls. In its voice, I hear the plaintive cry, mine, of all the words I should have said, didn’t, how they fall now from my lips, disappear into the blanketing snow as if they’d never crossed my mind.


2 thoughts on “J is for January Hymn #AtoZChallenge

  1. Video not working my end, so now I’m curious, what song did you team with the repentant asses whine

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