M is for Man on the Moon #AtoZChallenge

Sometimes the connection from song to story is an obvious one. And sometimes not. This is one that isn’t. I started out thinking about conspiracy theories and what a writer’s taken might be on that and then a writer in her class talking to her creative writing professor who doesn’t think her work is hers.

The Poet’s Song

“You wrote this?” There’s skepticism in the professor’s voice.

I feel my cheeks redden at the implicit accusation. “Yes.”

He frowns at me. “You know, I’ve heard this song. It’s by a group called—”

“The Chill Buggins. I know. Tom Antonelli was my best friend.” The past tense spills out.

The professor glances from the paper, my poem, lyrics, whatever, to me. “I hope you got writing credit.”

I smile ruefully. I’m sure that ship’s done sailed.


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