Nothing Left to Lose #flashfiction

Well, after a misstart a couple of months ago, I’m going to try to be present for Rochelle’s wonderful Friday Fictioneers again. 🤞🏻 Many thanks, Rochelle!

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

Nothing Left to Lose

His jaw set, eyes steely, his club-like fingers savage pages from a book he’s never—nor will ever–read. Truth-told, he never reads: “More important things to do.”

These books feature “intolerable abominations.” Or so he’s heard.

Feverishly obsessed, he never notices my packed bags.

After book burning, his stomach will rumble. He’ll want dinner. “Charlotte?” He’ll hear his voice echo in the house that’s been empty too long. Maybe he’ll remember my telling him, if he continued, I’d leave. Or not. Probably not.

My hair flies free with the wind on I-81 as I sing with Janis


13 thoughts on “Nothing Left to Lose #flashfiction

  1. Sadly, with everything going on (especially in Florida, it seems), this doesn’t seem like fiction. Nice job.

  2. He was warned…

    I wish books and stories would be left alone. Life is about choice, take it or leave it. Stop changing. Stop banning.

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