Betanda Shanam Reviews Second Strike by Nicole Nadeau @nicolenadeau24

Blurb: A genius sixteen-year-old. A terrorist’s twisted revenge. Can she stop a catastrophic cyberattack from bringing America to its knees?

Anna Goode can’t wait to put her brilliant mind to work. Officially part of the CIA’s undercover unit of talented teenagers, the gifted inventor splits her time between tinkering and espionage instruction. And now she’s been tasked to protect a US congressional delegation from a cunning enemy’s destabilizing hack.

Slipping into London under the guise of innocent spring-breakers to expose the hacker, Anna’s laser-focused hunt gets derailed when she’s ambushed and tased. Suspecting a traitorous mole could destroy their mission, the whip-smart teen rallies her fellow young operatives for a counter-attack… only to discover another danger threatening to be far worse.

Can Anna and her team foil a devastating plot before they’re stopped in their tracks?

Second Strike is the pulse-pounding sequel in the Secret Life of Anna Goode YA spy thriller series. If you like heroines who think outside the box, non-stop action, and tight-knit friendship groups, then you’ll love Nicole Nadeau’s overseas adventure.

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Another great book by Nicole Nadeau. Second Strike is the second book in the Anna Goode series, which is written with skill and clarity that makes the storyline easy to slip into and imagine.

Anna, a gifted teenager with a rare skill, once again finds herself at the centre of a secret mission working as a CIS agent. Luckily for Anna she has her trusted friends to help her try and overthrow Anna’s archenemy, as they race across the world to England to try to stop a cyber-attack that will bring chaos and ruin across the world.

This gripping YA spy thriller is full of action with high-speed car chases, kidnappings and high-tech spy equipment, with a few twists and turns along the way. Second Strike kept me engaged and entertained throughout. 

I would definitely recommend the Anna Goode series.

Thank you, Nicole, for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.   I look forward to reading the next book in this fabulous series.

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