I Was Beachin’ It

For the previous two weeks I was on my yearly visit to Sandbridge Beach in Virginia. For the previous two weeks I saw weather that I finally just called Groundhog Day weather after the movie starring Bill Murray in which he wakes up day after day to the same exact day. As the red flags flew straight in the wind gusts and clouds kept the temperatures in the 60Fs, I felt like I was reliving the same day. Just with different food. And sometimes stronger wind gusts, one of which almost swept my legs out from under me. Whoosh! It wasn’t even hurricane strength (I think…..).

Before you take that as a major complaint, it isn’t. It may have been warm and sunny at home, but home doesn’t have moonrises over the ocean or killdeer creating nests in mulch then feigning a broken wing as I moved a little closer afraid that it really did have a broken wing or that powerful, primal rhythm of the ocean as the waves crash against the shore. I am grateful to have been even though . . .

The red flag reads: water is dangerous. Rip currents extended along the coast.

And now I’m back.

I realize that from now on I should just post that I’ll be on a hiatus. I really do have the best intentions of posting while I’m gone but it just hasn’t happened lately.

In the next hour, I have a new book review from Betanda Shanam that I’ll be posting. I hope you will look out for that.

I hope everything has been great with you all or as good as it can be. 🤗

The almost full moon rises on Friday, June 2 at Sandbridge, VA.
A well-camouflaged killdeer in Sandbridge, VA. Photo courtesy of my niece Vikki Hearst.

10 thoughts on “I Was Beachin’ It

  1. 60’s sound great! We’re suffering though summer heat, high 80’s, low 90’s. And not a beach (of any consequence) in sight. Lucky you to have that. I really miss the water. Welcome back.

    1. I think it’s all expectation. It hit 90 here while I was gone but I would have loved 80s and 90s at the beach. More conducive to reading. lol I only read 1 book and 3/4 of another. My challenge for the year is dismal.

    1. Thank you! I didn’t take as many this year. The scenery looked pretty much the same every day. I should have taken pics of the pups though. I am a bad dog mom!!!

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