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I’m a lucky reader/listener again! Night Will Find You is twisty and thoughtful.

Blurb: Vivvy Bouchet, daughter of a known psychic, was ten when she saved a boy’s life by making an impossible prediction. Now she’s an astrophysicist in Texas, devoted to science, but the boy she saved has become a cop who continues to believe she can see things no one else can. When he begs for help on the high-profile cold case of a kidnapped girl, Vivvy steps back into the ocean of voices that once nearly drowned her.

She is forced to team up with detective Jesse Sharp, a skeptic of anything but fact. When Vivvy becomes the target of a conspiracy theorist podcaster, she fights back with both her scientific mind and her inexplicable gifts, hoping to lure a kidnapper, find a child who haunts her, and lay some of her own ghosts to rest.

Sharply relevant, Julia Heaberlin’s Night Will Find You explores the mysterious nature of belief―in psychic power, in science, in conspiracies, in a higher power―and the delicate dance between scientific truth and the things we can’t explain.

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Two engrossing audiobooks in a row. Will my luck continue to hold out? Let’s hope so. 🤞🏻

Before I begin, I just want to say that this was an audiobook so if I misspell or get a detail wrong, I am happily going to blame it on that. Onwards.

Vivvy Bouchet has taken some time off from her work as an astrophysicist for her mother’s funeral and then to get her mother’s house sorted. Her childhood friend and now police officer, Mike, enlists her to help with cold cases while she’s around. Vivvy, similar to her mother, is psychic although an unwilling one. Mike believes in her because she once warned him when they were both kids that he was going to die because of a blue horse. He was almost hit by a mustang but Vivvy pushed him out of the way. Ever since, he’s believed in her psychic abilities. Now he wants her to work on a very cold case, that of a missing girl Lizzy Solomon. His partner, Jesse Sharp, is skeptical of Vivvy. And, Vivvy is equally skeptical of him because she sees darkness in him.

As the story progresses, Vivvy’s participation in the Lizzy Solomon case is no longer a secret as Bubba Guns, a podcaster, denigrates Vivvy, unleashes tirades upon her, provides her address to the public aka his followers who are easily enraged by anything and everything, and digs up all the information he can find about her, all the while proclaiming her as a fake. When she tries to take him on, she is painfully unprepared for his attacks and vitriol. Her education and background are fodder for his jokes and accusations, and she’s seemingly no match. He raises high emotions in his audience, making Vivvy fear for her life and the lives of the ones she’s closest to.

Meanwhile, Vivvy is also concerned with a ghost who visits her wearing a charm bracelet, the same as in one of Jesse Sharp’s crime scene photos that he shows her that is supposedly attached to the Lizzy Solomon case, but which she knows is not.

Night Will Find You is one of those excellent stories that has so much going on while providing an engaging main character making you wish that the story would go on–although you really do want to know what happened with Lizzy and the charm bracelet girl. None of the relationships are straightforward from Vivvy’s with her sister and then Mike as well as the mysterious Jesse Sharp.

Karissa Vacker’s narration is fantastic. The range of voices that she creates is marvelous, snagging the listener, and enwrapping them in the unfolding drama. This is the second book I’ve listened to that she’s narrated, and I will seek her books out in the future.

Julia Heaberlin’s writing is equally fantastic. All of the characterizations were so believable and the way that the story progressed was so intriguing and well done. I loved the blending of mystery and paranormal, with the paranormal being handled so adeptly. While this is my first read of hers, I will definitely check out more.

Vivvy is one of my favorite characters of the year. She’s so honest, vulnerable, believing–sometimes naively–that truth should prevail. If the story hadn’t been so well wrapped up at the end, I would have delightedly followed her for books to come.

Many thanks to the publisher for giving me a copy for an honest review.

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