Music Monday: First High by Nikki Lane

Ah, the internet. It is the source of good and bad. It allows me to talk to you all from great distances and share bits about my life. It sometimes gives us factual information, sometimes not. And, it has widened the sphere of music, allowing us to now know the lyrics to songs we only guessed at before. Well, as long as you look up the lyrics, that is.

P!nk’s new song has my brain hearing “Trust Fund, baby,” which makes absolutely no sense in the scheme of things so I looked it up to discover the words are “Trustfall, baby.” I think I liked trust fund better, but, you know, no one asked me nor are they likely to, especially since my version makes no sense.

I for years quite happily listened to “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots never really understanding that there was a dead body involved which the dogs will smell. What sounds like it could be a plaintive love song is really about a kidnapping and death. Knowing that did change, somewhat, the way I felt about the song but hasn’t stopped me from belting out the chorus at the top of my lungs. When no one’s around. Or sometimes at beach house karaoke.

And, I didn’t know, because honestly I wasn’t focusing on the lyrics that Nikki Lane’s “First High” wasn’t about drugs or drinking but about all of those first highs we experience in life. The ones that we can never feel again but really want to. The lyrics are very good–thank you, internet, for allowing me to read them, and then to share the video.

I am not familiar with any of Nikki Lane’s other songs (I think) but Google tells me she’s a country singer. This song is more rock than country and I am loving it.

I got a car and it takes unleaded
I know a place with a tab on credit
So I fill the tank and get some Cokes for my friends
Lord it’s good to be back home again

It feels crazy running down these roads
When I see the street sign my mind always goes
Back to the old days of ’94
They don’t make ’em like that anymore

Songwriters: Gabe Simon / Nikki Lane

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