Music Monday: Stick Season by Noah Kahan

Genre: indie pop/indie folk

When you love words as much as I do, or should I say writing words to make them sound beautiful, you perk up when you hear lyrics that are unique, punchy, avoiding cliché, and sneak up on you to make you feel something unexpected. All of that is right here in this song, not to mention a great melody.

Even after having heard this song for months, I haven’t sought out any other Noah Kahan’s songs. I’m going to have to remedy that. Let me know what you think.

So I thought that if I piled something good on all my bad
That I could cancel out the darkness I inherited from dad
No, I am no longer funny ’cause I miss the way you laugh
Once called me forever now you still can’t call me back

Songwriters: Noah Kahan

ps. I was away for a short bit and just have a heckuva time catching up on things any more–constant catch up mode–so I apologize for the disappearing act. I’ll tell you about my trip in my next post.

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