CWWC:  Any type of Road

One of my most recent photos of a road. This one is on Tilghman Island after the microburst that struck on July 3.

Road to the marina on Tilghman Island, July 3, 2023.

CWWCCee’s Which Way Challenge

6 thoughts on “CWWC:  Any type of Road

    1. I loved it. We were in walking distance to three restaurants and their general store, which was really cool. Everyone was sooooo friendly. It was wonderful. I should post my other pics.

  1. I actually was in a forest one day when a mircoburst. The most amazing feeling I ever lived through. Trees were down all over the place. Wonderful entry for this week. Thanks so much for joining in. 😀

    1. Thanks. That must have been an amazing experience. We were on the deck of the house we were staying at. The winds were coming from behind so we were safe. Of course, I didn’t know what we were dealing with at the time. The alert came like 8 minutes later. I am a weather geek. 🙂

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