Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places #writingcommunity #FF #flashfiction

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Dee loved the morning bus pickup. All the candy dads with kids. Easy pickings—she did like her sweets scintillating conversation.

When Charles said he was being reassigned, she pouted–externally.

“Pentagon.” His chest puffed out. Seriously. He was so bantam that way. Insufferable. Fool.

Suburbs, professional fathers, unappreciated by their single-minded, career-oriented wives? One would be lonely. One would want a sleek, throaty-laughing woman. She salivated.

Dee flirted with two dads. Negated the first. Wife was a lawyer do-gooder. The second? David. Nice wife, let herself go—gray-streaked hair? Shameful.

Dee and David. Alliteration even.

Found: one sugary daddy.


31 thoughts on “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places #writingcommunity #FF #flashfiction

  1. Kind of like the ploy of the used car salesman played by Bill Paxton in the 1994 film “True Lies.” He pretended to be a spy to seduce bored wives in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong bored wife.

  2. Sweet story. Oh no! Now, look what I did. Nice leap of creativity to go from the candy store to the woman looking for her sugar daddy. Though, I don’t think she’s looking for love.

  3. Poor Charles has no idea what is wife is up to. She sounds experienced at this – she’s certainly figured out what she wants. I like how we get to follow her thoughts as she checks out potential men.

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