Ophelia Brings Autumn, a Haibun #dVerse #writingcommunity

Oh, goodness. It’s been a while since I’ve participated in dVerse and it’s certainly not because I haven’t wanted to but because the old well seemed dry. Thankfully words seem to be coming a bit easier now and hopefully will continue. 🤞🏻 Many thanks to Frank for providing us with this Haibun prompt.

Ophelia Brings Autumn, a Haibun

Ophelia ushered in the autumnal equinox with much needed rain, nourishing the parched soil, reviving wilted leaves, making the maples sigh. I relaxed, feet up, knitting needles looping stitches, hypnotized by the gentle sweep of wind, the steady rain. No TV noise. No music other than the natural chorus. I felt myself restored as well, dusty summer dreams tucked away paving the path for autumn walks in crisp air and crackling burnished leaves, the scent of wood smoke and lips smacking with the juice of honey crisp apples.

Ophelia brought Fall.
Ruby Hummer winged southward,
to savor fresh flowers.

19 thoughts on “Ophelia Brings Autumn, a Haibun #dVerse #writingcommunity

    1. Thank you! How lovely! We’ve had such drizzly weather that I haven’t seen one since Thursday and am apt to think they’ve moved on. Many happy returns. (I have hope of migrating to NC in coming years.) 🙂

  1. Your end haiku took me back to a haiku i read quite recently by Shiki
    for me going
    for you staying—
    two autumns

    Thanks for dropping by my blog


  2. Sascha, your haibun is such a beauty, filled to the brim with warmth. I enjoyed listening to the sounds and enjoyed exploring the pictures you painted. A wonderful take on the prompt. Delicate and strong at the same time.

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