Repeated Pattern? #writingcommunity

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Repeated Pattern?

The yarn I stashed because it was beautiful.

The yarn I knit with, purls, knits, becoming braids, a yarnover.

The indie dyes that captured my heart: greens; purples with teal and forest.

“Enough yarn now, isn’t it? Are you a hoarder?”

I send off a package for charity; hats and mittens for needy.

“Not more yarn?”

The shawl with fake cables, open-work, brilliant blues, like a peacock, for his mother. “For me?”

He slaps the needles from my hands. “I know what you’re doing.”

Stitches slip from needles. He has no clue.

Miles away, cashmere, a death, casting-on.

Perfect cast-off.


PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz (MIA but still snapping photos.  You are missed, Ted!)

19 thoughts on “Repeated Pattern? #writingcommunity

  1. I like the premise to this, where the knitting is not just knitting, and aside from the mystical aspect, those who receive hand-made items are receiving love made manifest in the wool from the giver. Good use of the prompt image, Sascha.

  2. Once he slaps the needles from her hands, I’d say his fate is sealed. I love all the knitting images in this, and how you’ve used them to build the tension, and an eerie mood too. Great ending – ‘Perfect cast-off.’

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