Review of It’s Not You, It’s Capitalism by Malaika Jabali

Blurb: We’ve all dated someone who took control of the relationship—you know, someone who makes you feel like you’re unhappy because you’re just not putting in the work, or it’s all in your head. But when you think about trying to meet new people, it feels terrifying. Like, have you looked at Tinder recently? It’s rough out there!

Your tough-love new best friend, award-winning journalist, policy attorney, and life-long socialist Malaika Jabali is here to say: we are all in a generations-long toxic relationship with Capitalism, and it is time to get the h*ll out of there and move ALONG.

She gives you everything you need to know about what a healthy relationship could actually look like, issue by issue—from healthcare and housing to the whole concept of American democracy—with our new boo: Socialism. And no, Socialism isn’t the boring, grey, authoritarian, Cold-War-era monster that you’ve heard about. 

With accessible explanations and illustrations, often surprising graphs and stats, and some Drake memes, this book will show you that we NEED to build a world that’s safer, kinder, cleaner, healthier, and more equal. And that this isn’t a utopian dream – it’s within our grasp, if we collectively decide to call out Capitalism for what it really is and wake up to a better future.
Fun, smart, and inspiring, It’s Not You It’s Capitalism is the hottest new relationship in your life!

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It’s Not You, It’s Capitalism is a well-researched book that attempts to argue that capitalism only benefits the wealthy and, therefore, isn’t a great fit for any country; and this would be a true argument, IMHO. However, the conversational tone dotted with slang and the constant theme of a breaking-up relationship didn’t do the argument any favors unless you’re part of the intended audience, whom I presume must be under 30 (arbitrary age).

That said, there is so much good information here, history, philosophy and historical thinkers that if you can move past the tone, you’ll find it a very worthwhile and enlightening read. Idealistically it would be wonderful if a book were written that embraced everyone as it seems the majority of individuals in the US (and perhaps elsewhere) do not understand exactly what socialism is but are willing to scrap it anyway because of erroneous information passed on to them.

Many thanks to Algonquin for sending me a copy.

2 thoughts on “Review of It’s Not You, It’s Capitalism by Malaika Jabali

  1. Too many people have zero understanding of what socialism is it has becomes a slur, and too few understand the grip of capitalism and why they hate it without even knowing anything about it, lol.

    1. I 100% agree. Up until I sought out knowledge I feared socialism/communism because I grew up in a time when I was told that they were the systems of abhorrent dictatorships. Now I see that may be an apt description of some capitalist countries, especially when the wrong individual is voted into power and decides he wants to be a dictator and overthrow democracy. Not to name names . . . . 😉

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