Hope(less) #writingcommunity

I am on a roll! Fortunately it’s not buttered so I won’t slip off! (haha) 🙄

Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!



Auntie Zephyr frequently held up a half-full glass while saying, “Always see this glass as half-full.”

If the glass were indeed half-full, would I be living with Auntie Zephyr?

“We could be living with Auntie Ro,” my little sister said. Truth.

Yesterday, while making mac and cheese, Auntie, thinking she was alone, wiped away tears.

“You’re crying?” No sight could have disarmed me more.

“Bombs killed all those little kids. Innocents. Why?” Her bottom lip trembled.

For once, I kept my smart mouth shut. Sometimes the glass is just . . . empty.


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