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Oh, man, I hate when this happens. This being when I am so disorganized (discombobulated? 🤪) that I read a book and forget to review it. This is different than when I knowingly pile up book reviews that need to be written, never forgetting that they are stacking up, just because writing book reviews is hard. At least it is for me. What’s worse is that I loved this fun little book and wanted to shout it to the rooftops. Which I’ll do right now, very loudly to make up time:


Hopefully that will help.


Blurb: Greetings card copywriter Phoebe Chapman knows a good romantic line or two – and it makes her a fantastic Cupid.

So when she lands in the Hollywood Hills – a place that proves film stars, golden beaches and secret waterfalls don’t just exist in the movies – she can’t resist playing matchmaker for her handsome neighbour, carpenter Ren.

But you can’t hide from love in La La Land.

And isn’t there something a little bit hot about Ren, her own leading man next door?

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Phoebe Chapman arrives in Los Angeles from the UK to spend a wonderful vacation with her older sister, only to find that her workaholic sister has picked her up from the airport to turn around and fly away on a business trip. Of course, she invites Phoebe to come along with her to Seattle, where it will probably be overcast and rainy, much like what Phoebe just left. Or, Phoebe could stay at her sister’s fabulous house with a pool, stocked fridge, just miles from the ocean. With a clear choice, Phoebe settles in and finds herself not spending time alone at all but with her neighbor, Ren; a former ’50’s/’60’s starlet, Myrna Moore; and Bel, her sister’s trainer. In Love Me Do, Lindsey Kelk has written a frequently hilarious and sweet story about a resilient young woman’s attempt to play Cyrano de Bergerac and/or Cupid, which backfires–as these things tend to do, and to get past a very bad relationship.

Oh, this book made me laugh and smile and just feel good, which, I’ve got to tell you are fantastic things when you’re feeling a little blue or, more generally, anytime for that matter.

Phoebe is snarky/funny, warm, and self-deprecating. As the depth of her story unfolds, the reader finds themselves cheering her on. They understand her insecurities and hope that she finds the courage to reach out for what she wants.

I loved the characters of Ren, Myrna, and Bel, who added so much to this story. Especially Myrna who is more than just a spunky old lady but a shrewd, exceedingly well-intentioned manipulator with foresight as well. Bel’s character could have just been the typical dumb-but-sweet beautiful L.A. woman but Kelk provided her with a perceptive streak, making her often unexpectedly wise. And Ren is not the average rom-com hero. He’s a bird-watching, housebuilding, vegan who just happens to look like a movie star.

All in all, this is the perfect vacation read or a read when you need a smile.

Many thanks to HarperCollins and Netgalley for sending me a copy. And my apologies for not giving a more timely review.

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