We’ll Leave a Light on For Ya

Many thanks to Rochelle, as always, for Friday Fictioneers. I think I can forget the countdown of contiguous weeks? I am back!!!!

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

We’ll Leave a Light on For Ya

Granddad said, “We’re just like Motel 6. We’ll always leave a light on for ya.”

When the people who birthed me decided I was inconvenient, the Grands took me in. The Grands are my parents. Were?

A nose piercing. A narcissistic boyfriend. Rebellion. Three years ago, I tossed my Grands love aside.

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and I can almost smell Gran’s turkey roasting as I watch from the thatch of loblollies. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins will all be coming. I can almost hear the laughter. Taste the pumpkin pie.

“You just going to stand out there?”

The Grands wait, silhouetted, arms open.



16 thoughts on “We’ll Leave a Light on For Ya

  1. Oh yes – perfect ending. Those years of rebellion are so difficult, and so risky. I’m glad you brought this wandering one home to where she is loved.

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