november snow 2018

The first measurable November snowfall in the DC area since the 1990’s!

And now it’s sleeting. And there’s a flood watch.  Yeehaw!


Happy Dance!

I was just in the middle of writing a rather sensual poem for Day 3 of November Notes when the phone rang.

Scout the Faithful Companion and I may be having a new dog join our home! Adoption contract and transportation pending, but that’s just like icing on the cake, am I right? How am I going to focus on a poem now? 🐕🐶♥️💗🎈

Taking a Breath!


©Sascha Darlington, October 2018


So I just sighed in a huge, audible fashion, which you couldn’t hear (be glad for that) because I think I am finally getting to a place where I’m 65% ready for NaNoWriMo. I have an outline, which I’ll probably ignore as I start the actual writing, because all good pantsers do that or else we lose our hard-earned title.

I have caught up (I think, I need to sort through my email and calendar) with the books that will be touring in the coming weeks. They’re read, reviewed, and scheduled.  And I have practiced a great deal of discipline to not sign up for new book tours in the November.

(Ha, as I’m writing, I realize that I haven’t written the book review for novel I finished last night…another sigh with an eye roll this time.) 😀

Anyway, I haven’t been here in anything but a scheduled fashion for a few days so thought I’d check in, say: “Howdy!” and see what’s going on.

If you’re taking part in NaNo and want to share what you’ll be writing in the comments, please do so that we can come by and commiserate with you in a few days or offer handy plot suggestions like zombie apocalypse or alien abductions or the discovery of a long lost twin. I do hope if you’re doing NaNo that you win and feel proud of your accomplishment!

And if you’re taking part in NaNo vicariously (precariously?) through me, don’t forget that I highly encourage plot suggestions or other suggestions (except giving up) and comments of most kinds (except giving up).

I will be doing my monthly wrap-up tomorrow, which won’t be as lengthy as I would expect, but there you have it…whatever it is.

Thanks as always!

Sascha D and Scout the Faithful Companion

2 Year Blogiversary!

Somehow I’ve become one of those people who forgets their anniversary! 😳
sascha darlington
Thank you to all of my readers. Without you there wouldn’t be a microcosm anniversary to forget about  celebrate! Many, many thanks to you all! 🙂 Hugs xoxo from Sascha and Scout the Faithful Companion!

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Thank you!

1,337 Follows!


Congratulations on getting 1,337 total follows on Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored!

This is what happens when you aren’t paying attention? 😲


I want to thank each and every one of you who’ve followed me and helped me make this such a fun work-in-progress. Every day I learn new things here. The really great part is that I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way and read the writings and seen the art of so many talented people.

And so I’ll leave you (momentarily) with something happy.



How I Spent My Summer Vacation #amwriting

Hello! I don’t get to post often. Sascha is a blog hog (she doesn’t know how well I rhyme or I’d be given more time…see what I mean?) I am just a crazy rhyming dog. Anyway, in case you don’t know, or haven’t read posts from a billion years ago, I am Scout the Faithful Companion. Personally I dislike that title. I prefer: Scout the very smart, observant English Shepherd. If you know nothing about English Shepherds, I heard someone once talk about us like this: a border collie is smart, but if you tell him to jump off a cliff he’ll do it, an English Shepherd will think about it and then walk away. Now, who’s smart? Continue reading

“Bid Adieu to Summer” Vacay


First off, let me apologize because I’ve fallen behind in my blog and responses and reading other blogs and almost generally everything except work and getting ready for vacation.

I promise to be a lot more interactive over the next few days even though I’ll be on vacation. The one thing I learned on my last vacation is that I still need to write, so maybe I’ve finally become a writer since it seems to be in my blood. So there will be writing! 🙂

There will be more Mouse stories to come. I know I kind of left her there in a desperate situation (poor Mouse is almost always in a desperate situation, which she handles with Snickers; I’m sure there’s a life lesson there, just sayin’) and you may be wondering: what’s next for poor Mouse? (me too 😉 ).

I’m off to North Carolina. First I’ll be visiting the Outer Banks because evidently this Pisces needs her fix of salt air and then off to the western part of the state (and mountains) that I’ve never visited before. I hope to share a lot of photos with you. Then on August 21 I’ll go to South Carolina for the solar eclipse and I’ll share that experience with you as I think it will be really, really cool and I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I’m looking very much forward to the whole vacation.

I hope to pop in later this evening when I arrive at my first destination.

Thank you as always for reading.

My best, Sascha D.