Reading Writer Observation #8–Make Me Care!


I had a hard time getting through the last book I read. Although the writing was dry, it was smooth. Sometimes there was quite a bit of detail, but I didn’t think that was the problem. Finally (because I’m slow) I determined that I didn’t care about the characters. Continue reading


I Expect To Be In The Bad Place

I expect to be in the bad place because The Good Place has an indicator that people who like The Red Hot Chili Peppers will go to The Bad Place (errrr…sorry, no link for The Bad Place, but I suspect there will be parties and invites, hang on.) Continue reading

Release Time!

Welcome to my crazy world. Oh, forgive me. This is completely normal!

This is not venting because I’m not angry at the world or miffed or whatever it is that makes people want to vent. We’ll call it my release…because that’s the daily prompt and as good of a word as any. We’ll call it the releasing of a balloon into a brilliant blue sky. Continue reading

Toward Meaning, OctPoWriMo Day 8, #amwriting

Well, this was hard. (I can hear a “that’s what she said” from the audience.) 🙂 I took the challenge from OctPoWriMo today which was to create a poem as a Joseph’s Star with the prompt of What Do You Know and How Do You Know It?

Personally I don’t feel that I only understand something once I’ve written it or even explored my emotions once they’re on the page. Rather, I have a pretty good idea of what I think, but writing and “massaging” each thought into a word provides clarity. Trying to express that in a terse style was so, so difficult. 🙂


Continue reading

I Am Whole #amwriting

I won’t say you made me feel irrelevant that was on me, for having chosen badly, believing every scornful word you uttered “out of love”. You showed me levels of ugly so in contrast to your beautiful face I now have a map delineating darkness. Each morning, I raise my face to the sun, warm rays caress away any remaining edges of shade.

I am alone but

I am whole.