Bees in Autumn #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington


Bees in Autumn

The door to mortality opened

this life, not a dress rehearsal,

the chill stings,

the bites of bees in autumn

you have under a hundred sunrises

I have never felt more alone.


Sascha Darlington


No Second Chances #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington



No Second Chances

I thought we could recreate love but you said “Second chances are for losers and I’ll never be one.” And when the door slammed, I found I didn’t mind so much after all.



Sascha Darlington

Mouse Says: “There’s an App for That!” #amwriting

mouse in vest with phone and cat

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Mouse Says: “There’s an App for That!”

“You are our secret weapon now,” AK-47 says, nodding his head at the vest. “There are explosives and shrapnel in the pockets. Did you know that your bones splinter during the explosion and become projectiles as well?” Continue reading

Switch #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington



The way a switch flips September 1st

allowing chill air to permeate shorter days

a  switch flipped announcing mortality

promising fewer days in a life unwell lived.

Overcome ,  she sang to the moon,

reflecting the sun, for just a little more.


end 9/9/2017

Sascha Darlington

Time Together #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington

Time Together

On days when it seems we pass each other with waking time together totaling twenty minutes, how easily we could fall into taking each other for granted. Yet, we never do, knowing even brief moments together are priceless.



Sascha Darlington

Mouse in a Freight Elevator–Going Up! #amwriting

It’s almost been a month since I gave you a Mouse episode and I am sorry for this extensive hiatus especially since we were in the middle of a story. My EXTREME bad! 😦

In case you forgot where we were, it was here. Thanks for sticking with me and Mouse (presuming you have 🙂 ).

mouse catering (2)

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