He’s Gone #amwriting

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He’s Gone

The house is quiet when I get home. No alternative rock plays from the kitchen. No metal utensils on pans. No aroma of something delicious. Continue reading


The Closer I Get to You #amwriting

Sorry for this minor interruption into Mouse stories. I had this bouncing around in my head and wanted to get it out before it bounced around so much that I got a headache. Thanks for your indulgence. 🙂 ps this is probably a 3 or 4 parter.

And I almost went with Luther Vandross (whose voice I have always loved) and Beyonce, but Roberta Flack’s voice……………. #originalisbetter

The Closer I Get to You

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Mouse’s Love Affair…with Pecan Sandies #amwriting

#3 in the third series of Mouse stories. Read the others here.

mouse and pecan sandies


Mouse’s Love Affair…with Pecan Sandies

This is my third mission. I presume it’s my third mission. Everyone is already sitting in the conference room when I arrive. Nick Ryder’s voice drones on. He raises an eyebrow at my tardiness but continues speaking. Continue reading

Mouse Sits on a Gate and Ponders Life #amwriting

#2 in the new Mouse story. All Mouse entries can be found here.

mouse sits on a gate

Mouse Sits on a Gate and Ponders Life

I am slowly realizing that life in covert ops is just one song on constant repeat, but not a good song and not really a bad song either. It’s that song you don’t mind at first, but the more you hear it, you wish it would sink into oblivion. Continue reading

Mouse Does Not Sing: “Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli”

So, the all ubiquitous STUFF was making me sad today and I could write lots of sad up until I drowned in my own sad tears. However, as much fun (NOT) that that sounds like, I thought of Mouse. I thought maybe it’s time for Mouse. For those of you who have joined me since March, Mouse is a hacker who is part of a covert ops group. All of her stories can be found here. You don’t need to read them to follow because this is going to be a new adventure.

mouse and lolly

somone nibbled on Mouse’s ear…sorry. 😦

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All The Plans That Came Undone #amwriting

There are two sides to every story, every relationship. Ms. Maggie McConnell, romance author extraordinaire asked about Bill’s side of the story in reference to yesterday’s Cradle Broken Glass, which told JJ’s side. If you write about relationships, you know that it’s really easy to write one side, but what about the other? Well, dang, it’s a little lot harder. 🙂 Here’s Bill’s.

Oh, and it continues yesterday’s theme of songs with “black” in the title.

ps Maggie has an upcoming guest post later this week talking about one of our favorite topics after Snooty and the Book Cover…..book covers! Continue reading

Writing Reader Observation #6–Sentence Variety #amwriting #amreading


I haven’t done this in a while, probably because I’ve had reader’s block. Have you ever had that? It’s especially bad when you have books to review. Woe, woe is me. 😦

Anyway, I hope it’s over as I’ve read two really lovely novels in a row, so I say: onwards!

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