Might Have Been

I fell in love

at 17

with a boy,

who called me “beautiful”; Continue reading


Frustration in Silence

written for dVerse

While this isn’t the first direction my thoughts went considering silence and interaction, or lack thereof, it is the situation I currently find myself in.


Frustration in Silence

Maybe I should be concentrating

on silence, meditative stillness Continue reading

The Opposite of Love #amwriting

for dVerse, where we are to write about opposites.

Deep Dream Generated by Sascha Darlington

The Opposite of Love

Relationships swing

like pendulums

with roles reversing

love to hate to love

to something else again

and maybe not all are like this. Continue reading

Spatial Oddity, A Haibun? #dVerse

Tonight on dVerse, Jilly is asking us to go avant garde with our haibun. And, I’m going Bowie-ish, because, well, if he is not a definite source of avant garde, I don’t know who is. It’s all unconventional, and that’s where I’m currently at.

This image has been deep dream generated by Sascha Darlington.

Spatial Oddity, A haibun? Continue reading

The Cosmos Is Blooming! #napowrimo #dverse #amwriting

This is for dVerse and ekphrastic poetry, but also for napowrimo, where I am making a small attempt at ketchuping. (Yes, my newly invented word 😉 .)

Please do check out Fay Collins’ art. The link is under the picture of these ethereal cosmos.

The Cosmos Is Blooming!

He guffaws when I say

“the cosmos are blooming” Continue reading