Redesign #amwriting

PHOTO PROMPT © Kelvin M. Knight

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Last week when Mama was here this wouldn’t have happened: No milk. One slice of bread. Bananas so black they melt into the counter. Continue reading


Mouse Says: “There’s an App for That!” #amwriting

mouse in vest with phone and cat

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Mouse Says: “There’s an App for That!”

“You are our secret weapon now,” AK-47 says, nodding his head at the vest. “There are explosives and shrapnel in the pockets. Did you know that your bones splinter during the explosion and become projectiles as well?” Continue reading

No One Knew Me #amwriting

No One Knew Me

After a foggy start to the morning, the sun is now beating down with August intensity. I sit in the shade on my parents’ deck and watch my older brother’s kids splash around in the pool. Inside I hear Chrissy’s voice and steel myself for this moment when I see Ed with her. Continue reading

Mouse Launches Herself Without A Parachute #amwriting

#4 in the third series of Mouse stories. Read the others here.

mouse launches herself

Mouse Launches Herself Without A Parachute

The last time I went undercover, well, let’s just call it a substandard experience. Did I also happen to mention that the last time I went undercover was also the first time? Continue reading

Are You Really the One? #amwriting

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Are You Really the One?

So, one morning you pee on a little plastic wand and then have to wait interminable minutes to see if your life is going to irrevocably change or go on as normal. And this in a week where irrevocable change has already reared and roared and changed your mind about the results you want to see on this little plastic stick. Or me, I should say. Right now, it’s all about me. Continue reading