three line tales, week 107: diaries, roses and bobbins with sewing thread

Written for 3 Line Tales



In my grandmother’s hope chest, I come across a photo for which I have no meaning–thread spools and a diary. Continue reading



Written for Sunday Photo Fiction.


It’s a door from a nightmare. The constant nightmare that has eradicated my sleep. Forced me to become a zombie in waking hours. Even the fire extinguisher is in place. Continue reading

S’no(w) Dream

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you, Rochelle!

S’no(w) Dream

Always at the edge of a dream, you appear. Your fingertips caress my cheek, a feathery kiss upon my brow, and a whispered word: “soon.” Continue reading

I’d Sacrifice Anything Come What Might


Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

I’d Sacrifice Anything Come What Might

The hotel on the canal is the ugliest establishment I’ve ever seen, but when we enter the dilapidated lobby, a Guatemalan woman is singing Sinatra’s “Oh, Look at Me Now.” I squeeze John’s hand. Serendipity. He smirks. Continue reading

In Other Words, I Love You

The words for Stream of Consciousness Saturday are: In other words.

In Other Words, I Love You

In other words, take my hand…

Are we sculpted by our choices?

This boy. I took his hand when I was fourteen, we made love when we were sixteen, he left me when we were nineteen for glittering lights and fame although he loved me. Continue reading

The Score

Written in response to the black and white challenge offer by Charli Mills’ @ Carrot Ranch.


The Score

Until I was eighteen, I was Dad’s favorite. By focusing on my music, becoming the best mandolinist in the three states, I pursued Dad’s ambition, which had been squelched by pragmatic parents. Continue reading

Holding a Lifetime

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited Sunday Photo Fiction. It’s nice to be back. Thank you, Alistair!


Holding a Lifetime

In those days the air was combustible, ions churning, light fragmenting into auroras that blazed through night’s boundless sky, laughter sweet, gentle like soft blossom petals falling. Continue reading