Sunset November 6

I was working, glanced out the window, and my jaw dropped. The sky was ablaze with the most magnificent sunset I think I’ve ever seen. A harbinger of good things to come? Let’s hope so.

sunset november 6


Baby Squirrel!

I haven’t posted about my neighborhood critters in a while.

baby squirrel 2

Since I’ve moved my laptop from the office to the dinette, I’ve seen a lot of squirrels. This, however, is the first time that a baby has visited. I cannot tell you how many different squirrels visit me in one day’s time, so why aren’t there more babies? So cute! Sorry the pic isn’t better. It’s taken through the window so I wouldn’t scare her away.

Baby squirrels!


Squirrel Tales aka Squirrel Without Tail

I have not shared a squirrel tale in a bit so without further adieu.

squirrel without tail

I watched over the course of a week, or maybe a bit more, the disintegration of this little lady’s fluffy tale. I don’t know how it started, an animal attack is my best guess, but who knows. And you can tell by the fact that she has her back to the camera that she’s not in any hurry to tell. Continue reading