Did I Say That I Want You? #amwriting

# 17 and the finale

#17 Snooty and the Book Cover


Did I Say That I Want You?

That weekend was a gift that disappeared too quickly. Back in DC, I use all of my free time to fill in applications online. I’ve found an apartment, which, although on the small side, will suit me. While I hope that Steve will be part of my new life in Virginia Beach, I’m not taking it for granted, or sharing the news with him just yet because why disappoint him?

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When You Say Nothing At All #amwriting

#16 Snooty and the Book Cover

When You Say Nothing At All

Girl, pack your bag, we’re going to the beach Sarah’s text reads. She must be insane. Leave on a Friday afternoon? Sit on the glorious I-95 parking lot?

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Wish You’d Come Sweepin’ In #amwriting

#15 Snooty and the Book Cover


Wish You’d Come Sweepin’ In

The humidity, how had I forgotten? It’s like moving through thick liquid air. When I was a kid, I heard that DC was built on a swamp. Later I discovered it wasn’t true, but with this sticky humidity and massing of mosquitoes, it would be easy to believe.

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Plans Left Beside The Road #amwriting

#14 Snooty and the Book Cover



Plans Left Beside The Road

The setting sun washes the ocean in pinks and lavenders. Sunbathers have retreated from the beach, but the rowdy nighttime crowd rumbles, powered by the liquid refreshment from their coolers.

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There’s Real and Make Believe #amwriting

#13 Snooty and the Book Cover


There’s Real and Make Believe

I’m in one of those moments. If you’ve ever tried to write, you know what I mean. It’s avoidance. It’s block. It’s thinking of what it might have been like to write with a quill when you have a brilliant, powerful laptop on the table in front of you. It’s procrastination.

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Changes! #amwriting

#11 Snooty and the Book Cover



Sharp pointed fingernails scrape on my bare shoulder. Megan has returned as promised. Suddenly “With or Without You” stops playing in the middle and Pharrell’s “Happy” begins playing and receives a chorus of moans in response from those who found they could slow dance to the U2 song. You can’t slow dance to “Happy.” I guess you could if you were really intent upon it.

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You Gave It All But I Want More #amwriting

#10 Snooty and the Book Cover


You Gave It All But I Want More

I press my ear against Steve’s chest and can hear his heart beat. I hold him tighter.

“What’s up, Princess?” he asks, softly, his southern accent a sweet lulling cadence. “You haven’t been having more bourbon barrel stout when I wasn’t looking.”

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As You Are

#8 Snooty and the Book Cover



As You Are


I could be a passenger on a space ship, traveling intergalactically, dreaming of distant stars and lives, but no, I’m here on a writer’s retreat now invaded by my grandmother and best friend. Have you ever felt like you were finally breaking away from all of the bindings that other people placed on you? That made you someone who they thought you were rather than who you thought you were? I felt that way yesterday. I felt free, but now I feel like I could be sinking into some deep muck or returning to that muck because people who thought they knew me, knew me only one way.

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