His and Hers #SoCS

Written for SoCS 2/17/2018

His and Hers

His day starts like any other, shower, fix cereal with berries, read the newspaper. Lately they don’t talk. That’s what 20 years will do for you. What is there new to learn? Continue reading


In Other Words, I Love You

The words for Stream of Consciousness Saturday are: In other words.

In Other Words, I Love You

In other words, take my hand…

Are we sculpted by our choices?

This boy. I took his hand when I was fourteen, we made love when we were sixteen, he left me when we were nineteen for glittering lights and fame although he loved me. Continue reading

When #amwriting

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Stream of Consciousness Saturday. So here it is.

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This piece is totally stream of consciousness, for better or worse. No editing, except the removal of a period. 🙂

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