Let’s Talk Blue Jays! (the birds) and When Someone Calls for Help

Disclaimer: Sorry for the quality of the photos. They were taken by my phone (I helped) through a window so as to not frighten the critters.

blue jay 1

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I love feeding the birds and squirrels. This season I’ve been putting out more peanuts so that I can watch the blue jays descend. If you’ve never seen blue jays in action, it’s quite a spectacle. Continue reading


Vocabulary Roll Call!

So, I’m reading this contemporary romance with late 20-somethings. The Irish guy uses words like “spitfire,” “vixen,” and “courting.” Mind you, I’ve never been to Ireland, but I have been over the UK and never heard any under 30-something or even over 30-something use these words. I feel like I’m reading an old Harlequin romance.

Anyone have input or thoughts? Or would like to inform me that, “Why, yes. Our Irish 20-somethings do use these words in their everyday language.”

Each time I read one of these words I feel like I’m being poked in the eye. Boing.


Happy New Year!

So, well, yes. I ran away again. I am in the wild and wonderful outer banks of North Carolina where the wind is nipping and it’s ever so cold, actually it feels how I’ve always thought a tundra would feel. There have been several times today where I thought the wind might take me and Scout to Oz.

I hope that your New Year’s Resolutions come to fruition, if you are into resolutions.

I hope that each of you has the absolutely best year possible, being healthy and happy.

I hope your dreams come true.

Finally, I just wish you all the absolute best.

I hope for all of us the best 2018.

Thank you for your support through this year. You’ve all meant so much to me!

Happy New Year!


Soon to Reappear!

I hope you all have been having a Happy Holiday! The next installment of The Heart of Christmas will either appear later this evening or tomorrow.

I seem to have gone (unintentionally) electronic free for a few days, which is never a bad thing.

Thank you all!

Let’s Chat…some more

Last October, 2016, I wrote a post after reading about how women are frequently sexually abused. It was real and true, but I hid it after a day or two because I was embarrassed. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing the events because I rarely share anything about me with really anyone at all. Private? Well yes. Strange for a blogger, right? 😉

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