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Quickie Update

You may have noticed that I’ve only been partly here with the posts going up having been ones that have been scheduled in advance, except for last evening’s Tom Petty post, of course.


I’ve been sick, still am with the fuzzy brain that means doing the simplest tasks takes far longer than necessary, so I haven’t even tried to write poetry or short fiction–although that might make an interesting spin. 🙂

I’m behind with OctPoWriMo so there may be some incoherent poetry (will you be able to tell the difference?) posted soon.

Thanks, Sascha


Short Story – New Appliance

From James McEwan. Enjoy!

James McEwan

New Appliance

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Mary finished cleaning the kitchen sink and she gazed out of the window at the dull dark clouds. Rain was on the way and everything seemed miserable as if her whole world had a screw loose, and she wasn’t sure how to fix it.

The fridge motor switched on and interrupted her day dreaming, its humming sound took on a rhythmic beat of da daa . . .  dum dum and she imagined herself in a Viennese Waltz cavorting with a tall Austrian Hussar and so she twirled and turned across the floor.

The hoover in the corner perked up. ‘May I have the pleasure?’ said Mr Dyson.

‘Delighted,’ said Mary and curtsied. She took the hoover by the handle, and they swept around the kitchen dancing to the music.

The sound of the fridge rumbled on as rain washed against the windows sounding like…

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A Note from Laura Griffin


 A Note from Laura Griffin:


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I grew up in Houston and am heartbroken to see the devastation there. My parents and many friends lost their homes in the flooding. I am donating the author proceeds from September sales of COVER OF NIGHT to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. So if you buy the book this month, or if you pre​-ordered it, you will be helping displaced people in Texas and Louisiana in their effort to recover and rebuild. Thank you!
Grab your copy of COVER OF NIGHT today!
Featuring Laura Griffin’s signature “heart pounding, nerve-jangling suspense, combined with sizzling sex” (Fresh Fiction), Cover of Night is a fast-paced, romantic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

From Sascha: I reviewed Laura Griffin’s novella Cover of Night here a few days ago and loved it. If you like romantic suspense, I encourage you to give the novella a try and know that you are supporting relief efforts.

Tempting Mr. Wrong on Sale for Just $.99!

August is Romance Awareness Month and what better way to celebrate than to put some of our favorite romances from different genres on sale! Whether you are already a romance lover or new to romance reading you are sure to find something to fall in love with.

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