The Quokka and the Quahog #OctPoWriMo2018 #4

A new poet to enjoy!

Scribbles from me to you

The quokka grins – a happy chap
With photobombs and selfies
Fearless and furry madcap
Like a marsupial Ewok buddy
Friendly and oh so cute
Posing with random delight
‘The happiest animal on earth’
Is beloved for his open joy –
And fiercely protected

But from the sea, they drag another
The murdered Ming the Clam
Thrust a blade through his innards
For the quahog – death had no qualm
He kept his secrets til the end
Five centuries of a quiet life
Resting, feeding in the peaceful deep
Until they dragged him up, up and away
All in the name of science

Quokka and Quahog
Strange names to be sure
Wondrously odd creatures
But not the strangest here
This world holds wonder and terror alike
But only we destroy our habitats
Decimate other lives
At the whim of a flawed belief
That humanity should be king

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Five Out of Six Cobras Agree: Cannibalism Is Awesome

Fine Young Cannibals?

(It’s Halloween month, I have to bring you creepy, crawly cannibals, right?)



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Torn Between Two Lovers or Bohemian Rhapsody?

I am still plugging away on this story. Plugging away sounds kind of slow and plodding and that’s how I feel. As Florence moves away in time and memory (except for the fact that I heard her remnants were still threatening [no, no, bad Florence!]), maybe I’ll feel better about it all. And, maybe I can just write this story as if it had no relation to Florence whatsoever……. Continue reading

That Toothy Thing

I am still falling behind in responding to your comments. I hope that most of you who have commented on my stories actually follow me so you know that I’m not just being well…, er, oh, well.

I have been flagging. I don’t have tooth pain, but the soft tissue damage from the work done has actually been really annoying (= painful). And I haven’t wanted to be visiting my computer at all. I want to respond to everyone. But in the meantime, please know that I appreciate your comments.

I will prevail (lol…how’s that for melodramatic?).


It’s Easy to Forget

I wanted to share with you all this thoughtful and beautifully written post from a new-to-me blogger.


“Love will draw an elephant through a key-hole.”
Samuel Richardson

There, in the cage was a beautiful, small, albino hedgehog hanging upside down. I tilted my head, it reminded me of a ghostly, wingless bat, with prickles, it opened and curled without making a sound. It was a haunting situation that made little sense. I wouldn’t have discovered it, if not for the fact that someone had sat in my favorite seat. The cage was hidden in an obscure corner of the ultra-cool café I’d been visiting for a few days to work. On closer inspection the hedgehog’s leg was trapped between the overhead bars. It must have been like that all night. I opened the cage doors and rescued it, but the thought upset me for the rest of the day.

I grew up listening to The Cure, to songs like, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, even if I…

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Books That Kill: 3 Poisonous Renaissance Manuscripts Discovered in School Library

For all of you mystery writers, an interesting way to kill off some characters.

A researcher (carefully) holds one of the arsenic-poisoned books. The tome dates to the Renaissance, but was likely coated in arsenic paint by misguided Victorians.

Credit: University of Southern Denmark/ The Conversation


Source: Books That Kill: 3 Poisonous Renaissance Manuscripts Discovered in School Library