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I have a guest post! Woot! Come visit! 🙂


A guest post by one of the Cinderella Reimagined authors, Sascha Darlington.

If you love music, you may be into cover tunes, like I am. For me, to hear a song I love given a fresh treatment, a different sound, is like hearing the song anew.

You don’t get that with paintings.

Or sculptures.

Or mosaics.

But sometimes you get it with poems, plays, and stories.

So, imagine my delight in providing a cover to a written work.

We all like to play: what if?

What if we put Cinderella in Hollywood? What if Cinderella was a Disney cartoon? What if Cinderella was a girl named Ella, who loved to write music?

What if Ella had a crush on a famous lead in a band and dreamed that one day her lyrics might be sung by him? What if Ella could be there at a concert, looking beautiful, because we…

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Giraffes slip silently on to the vulnerable list

Excellent post from Peggy. But sad to know we could lose these marvelous creatures.

Where to next?

Giraffes in Etosha national park, Namibia

A sad and disturbing article appeared on one of my news feeds the other day. It’s not new news. In fact, the article was from the December 2015 Smithsonian magazine, but the problem it describes isn’t going away.

According to the latest ‘red list’ compiled by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the giraffe—the world’s tallest animal—is at risk of extinction after suffering a devastating decline in numbers over the last 30 years. Numbers have plummeted from 157,000 individuals in 1985 to 97,500 at last count, and the giraffe is now listed as vulnerable.

Giraffes face two main threats, cities and towns encroaching on their habitat and poaching. Poaching has become increasingly problematic. Hungry villagers sometimes kill the animals for food, and there are reports that many giraffes are slaughtered for just their tails. They are considered status symbols in some cultures and have been used…

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Is Bat a Fact?

We used to have lots of bats. We have very few now. My neighbors love their mosquito companies who spray the bushes….because…of course, only mosquitoes die when they spray for mosquitoes.

Building The Love Shack

Most people know about the damage that insecticides do to the birds and the bees. You see commercials on it and posting from bird and bee supporters. But, what about the Bats?

I’m personally fond of the bats. That probably started when I was a kid and fell in love with the Flying Monkeys watching the Wizard of Oz. The closest thing we have to Flying Monkeys in Ontario is the bats, much smaller but the same movement concept. With both having really cool wings.

Image result for pictures of  small brown bats in ontario Small Brown Bat In Flight

With Spring arriving, it will be time for the female bat to coming out of hibernation.  In the Summer she will have her baby, known as a pup.

The females usually only have one pup, once a year, but occasionally will have twins. When she has her pup, they are very tiny at first but grow very fast. Until the pups can fly and catch bugs, they are depended on…

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