Some of this may be upsetting so if you are easily upset, please do not continue further. Likewise, the upset deals with pets so if you find that hard to take, please do not read further.

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Under the Weather


I don’t know about you, but when I’m “under the weather” my brain becomes mush (okay, mushier than usual 😉 ) which is why you haven’t seen any writing (of mine) here in the past few days. Hopefully soon. Continue reading




After my “awakening” that spawned Realization #1, I have begun editing the novel I wrote for nanowrimo in 2016, “Riot of Purple Profanity”. For those who were following me then, you might remember that I wrote the novel almost entirely on the blog. Frankly, that was a tough undertaking as I recall, which may be one reason why I never re-read it. Continue reading


I Must Have Blinked

I tried not to blink. Yet, here I am storing Christmas decorations when it seemed as if I just did that. How had a year passed so quickly? What was there to show for it? A few gray hairs? A dog a year older and slower? Continue reading


Realization #1

I just worked a day and a half on someone else’s manuscript…for free (for them, at least).

What if it had been mine?


Time to re-evaluate and time to prioritize.


Catch Up Bottle (Procrastination Takes All Forms)


My cool little logo that I’ll add to posts to show that I really am trying to ketchup catch up. Because, you know, I’d rather be fiddling with transforming pictures than catching up with my reviews and poetry. Continue reading


So Let’s Talk

I’ve started this post to you all several times now. I know that there are many of you out there who understand depression. For those of you who don’t, I was you. I’ve always been upbeat to the point of silliness. If something got me down, I would go exercise or read a book or dance like an idiot to Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic or Speed of Sound. But I always bounced back.

In March that stopped happening. If you all were around in March, you know that I disappeared for a week or so after an accident. I have’t bounced back, not to who I used to be. I have been feeling sad and easily overwhelmed as my body has just not healed as quickly as I would have liked and my brain either. If you know what it’s like to be in that situation, you also know that every little thing contributes and makes you feel weak.

I don’t share these things easily because I’m not used to it. I’d rather make you smile or laugh or roll your eyes. I’ve always felt that the world has so much pain already and I have never wanted to contribute.

But, I’ve found myself apologizing for not keeping up, for not getting the Mouse story to become routine, but if you know what it’s like to try to write humor, you know you have to feel something like humor in those moments and so Mouse becomes something I write when I feel that maybe I can grab a smile, internally.

I’m not going anywhere and I’m going to try to pull myself up out of this little crevice, but I’m not going to apologize any more for falling behind, for not striving to be the wonder woman who I wanted to be, and for feeling like I’ve let anyone down. Thanks for understanding.





Legends Lost

I’m a book blogger and a writer, but beneath those two items you might have noticed that I have a huge love of music of all genres. Despite a suburban upbringing, I have loved country music from a young age. Continue reading


A Good Natured Grumping

I don’t like to rant. There are enough people ranting, so I don’t provide that service here, except under extreme conditions.

I certainly don’t rant about music because my world would be very, very dark without music. I do love some of almost all kinds of music that I hear and no, I’m not just saying that. If you look at the music I share with you, you know that to be true.

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Let’s Talk Diversity in Novels & Writing


Image of Diversity ©Sascha Darlington

Diversity has become such a catchphrase anymore. We need more diversity. For a lot of it, I agree. Movies and TV should appeal to masses. Neither has ever needed to get every nuance right, because those media don’t have to. It’s not expected. It would be nice, but not expected and sometimes not necessary.

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