Spring Sometime, a haibun

written for dVerse haibun Monday

Spring Sometime, a haibun

The days are longer now. Typically I’ve shed my winter wool, placed warmer-weather clothes front and center, but the heat is on, and there’s a freeze-warning for tonight. The cherry blossoms have passed. The grass around the tree looks as if it’s been snowed upon with pinkish-hued white petals. My breath curls upward, white. Traffic on the beltway flows, such a winter sound in deep cold, reaches me, the steady hum like ocean waves.

It struck me how odd it was, while walking my dog, bundling myself in my coat, that light still lingered. I never could remember being wrapped so tightly so late in the evening with dusk hovering, the sun setting mauve, and robins caroling.

birds of spring arrive

spring flowers pierce cold hard soil

blossoming yellow


Sascha Darlington 4/17/2018


O is for Orlando #amwriting #atozchallenge


Princess of Self-Discovery

Come to Orlando, they said. Sing at the Park, they said. You’ll be discovered, they said. Continue reading

Fate Strikes Again

but this time it’s a good thing.

Last night I was desperately (that in itself was probably part of the problem) trying to ketchup with the A to Z challenge, get my Friday Fictioneers story done, because I hate to miss that one, and maybe get some poetry written. Continue reading

Imagine – #guestpost

I have a guest post! Woot! Come visit! 🙂


A guest post by one of the Cinderella Reimagined authors, Sascha Darlington.

If you love music, you may be into cover tunes, like I am. For me, to hear a song I love given a fresh treatment, a different sound, is like hearing the song anew.

You don’t get that with paintings.

Or sculptures.

Or mosaics.

But sometimes you get it with poems, plays, and stories.

So, imagine my delight in providing a cover to a written work.

We all like to play: what if?

What if we put Cinderella in Hollywood? What if Cinderella was a Disney cartoon? What if Cinderella was a girl named Ella, who loved to write music?

What if Ella had a crush on a famous lead in a band and dreamed that one day her lyrics might be sung by him? What if Ella could be there at a concert, looking beautiful, because we…

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M is for Mount St. Helen’s, Mount Rainier #atozchallenge #amwriting

A vision of Mount Rainier.

This is fiction.

For My Mother

All of this before me. The shorn off mountain, devastation. A woman tossing peanuts to a ground squirrel next to the sign that prohibits feeding of wildlife. Laughter. Selfies. Children giggling, fighting. A man dropping trash. A couple groping while sitting on the stone wall. Continue reading

L is for Lunch #atozchallenge #amwriting

Yes, I’m playing ketchup. Oops, don’t tell fate.

saturday brunch


Saturday Brunch Is A Thing

Nine months. That’s how long Joel and I have been seeing each other and by seeing, I mean “dating” like an old-fashioned couple. I think old-fashioned is cool. Continue reading

Happy Day #amwriting

PHOTO PROMPT © Yarnspinnerr

Thanks to Rochelle for providing Friday Fictioneers!

Happy Day

Today is dad’s 50th birthday. Mother cooks food to feed 100, invites not nearly that many, and pours alcohol like it’s flowing free from faucets. Continue reading