The One AM Call

The One AM Call

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The Art of the Rate

Maybe it’s no art.

I think some arrogance may be attached to book blogging and reviewing. We read a novel and review it, give it some numerical rating that means: I loved it or I hated it or somewhere in between. Continue reading

Going to Seed

Thank you to Rochelle for providing this prompt for Friday Fictioneers!

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


Going to Seed

We sit under the maple in Adirondack chairs, sipping fruity rum drinks, your own invention, while a soft breeze stirs the humid air like a spoon in a cauldron. Continue reading

Frustration in Silence

written for dVerse

While this isn’t the first direction my thoughts went considering silence and interaction, or lack thereof, it is the situation I currently find myself in.


Frustration in Silence

Maybe I should be concentrating

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Squirrel Tales aka Squirrel Without Tail

I have not shared a squirrel tale in a bit so without further adieu.

squirrel without tail

I watched over the course of a week, or maybe a bit more, the disintegration of this little lady’s fluffy tale. I don’t know how it started, an animal attack is my best guess, but who knows. And you can tell by the fact that she has her back to the camera that she’s not in any hurry to tell. Continue reading

July Wrap-Up

It feels extremely possible that I just wrote my June wrap-up, like–yesterday, and yet, here we are on the last day of July. I’m digging in my heels so that the summer doesn’t go any faster!

First off, I really felt like I was back in the blogisphere this month despite having two weeks where my body wanted to make me feel miserable, so yay, I was miserably happy?

And, I still seem to love the exclamation points! Woot! Continue reading

Review Double Up: The Giver and The Deal of a Lifetime

I have fallen behind on my library reading and saw that I had hours left on Lois Lowry’s The Giver and Fredrik Backman’s The Deal of a Lifetime so I binged on them last night.  Both are reviewed below. Continue reading