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May 14, 2019. I am currently over-booked and won’t be considering books to review until late summer. Thanks for your interest.

“You know, if you want to be a serious book blogger, you really need to have a review policy.”

“I do?”

“Writers might contact you to review their books. They need to know what you won’t read.”

“Oh, you mean like I will drop a book instantly if there’s abuse in it or the main character has been abused? Or like if it’s all angst and melodrama? Or that I have trouble getting into fantasy novels?”

“Yep, those kinds of things. But you also need to say what you do like.”

“That might take more than a page because I love romances with music or sports or dogs and funny ones. The same with YA novels. But not NA. I haven’t found a NA I like because they seem to substitute sex for brains. I love cookbooks and gardening books and books about herbs and crafts like knitting and self-improvement and meditating and… I guess the best thing would be to check out the genres in my reviewed books. That would also help someone figure out if they really want me to review their book.”

“I get the drift. And mention turnaround time and what happens if you have a book you don’t like.”

“Turnaround time’s a toughie because I have lots of books to review. A crazy amount, but if an author asks far enough in advance… Oh, and I don’t review dishonestly. I can’t and won’t. If I didn’t like a book, it goes in the review. So if an author doesn’t like that possibility, I guess I should suggest they don’t send me their book.”

“What about Indies?”

“I do review Indies, but I limit the frequency. I won’t do one at the last minute. Because of my schedule, I can’t accept any books at the last minute…unless you’re one of my favorite authors in the world and then…maybe.”

“Guest posts? Interviews?”

“Yes! Those are such fun. Are we done here?”

“How can people contact you? That should be on your policy page.”

” . Are we done now?”

“I dunno. Let me think about it.


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    • Hi, Starr–
      I apologize for this late comment. If you’re still looking for reviews, tell Betanda and me what your book’s about and the genre and if one of us can do we’ll get back to you.

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