After Summer’s Dream

cerulean sky

Photo by Sascha Darlington

After Summer’s Dream

I move to help Aunt Celia return to the house, but she grabs my hand.

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Roll of the Dice (2)

Someone suggested a second version of this tale. And, I do take requests, so here it is.

Roll of the Dice (2)

“Hon, I can’t find my passport.” Continue reading

Chasing Life

SPF July 8 2018 (2 of 1)

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Chasing Life

It’s hot, one of those sultry steamy days in the south where the sun caresses rather than sears.

The neighbor boy ambles up the street, dressed in long dark jeans and a blue thermal jacket zipped to his throat, like a turtle ready to disappear. He smiles shyly as he passes. Like his parents and seven siblings, he won’t speak to AnneMarie unless forced, not anymore. The world has become “them” and “us.” Continue reading

“Cheers” #SoCS

“Cheers” has been written for Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Thank you, Linda!



He says, “Cheers” and sounds so damn amiable that I want to toss the entirety of his pint at him. How could he break up with me now? Here? In the middle of my brother’s gig? Continue reading

P is for Peter Pan Park #atozchallenge #amwriting

Please note that there are several Peter Pan Park throughout the world. This is none of them. 🙂

Have You Met Me?

Two brothers at Peter Pan Park, a vignette

“I’ve got to figure out my life.” Continue reading

M is for Mount St. Helen’s, Mount Rainier #atozchallenge #amwriting

A vision of Mount Rainier.

This is fiction.

For My Mother

All of this before me. The shorn off mountain, devastation. A woman tossing peanuts to a ground squirrel next to the sign that prohibits feeding of wildlife. Laughter. Selfies. Children giggling, fighting. A man dropping trash. A couple groping while sitting on the stone wall. Continue reading

L is for Lunch #atozchallenge #amwriting

Yes, I’m playing ketchup. Oops, don’t tell fate.

saturday brunch


Saturday Brunch Is A Thing

Nine months. That’s how long Joel and I have been seeing each other and by seeing, I mean “dating” like an old-fashioned couple. I think old-fashioned is cool. Continue reading