Love’s Give and Take

One of the reasons why I love to write flash fiction is because you have to tell a story in very few words. That’s also why I like the forms where I have to do the same in 99 or 100 words. It’s a challenge, and sometimes you aren’t certain whether it works or not. This just happens to be one of those times when I wondered if my point would get across through minimal words used in dialogue.

Thanks to Charli Mills who always provides such thoughtful challenges! Visit Carrot Ranch!

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You Made Your Bed

I had the beginning of this story in my head. The funny thing is that you sometimes don’t know where the beginning will take you, and this one surprised me a little.

Written for the August 30 Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

You Made Your Bed (99 words)

First a bottleneck on the road and now a bottleneck at the charity event. I see who is causing it and suddenly wish I had a bottleneck in my hand, preferably high-proof. Continue reading

Picturing Us

Written for Carrot Ranch’s June 28 Challenge


Picturing Us

I have sketched us in charcoal on stark white. I have obliterated lines, assuaged others. The charcoal coats my fingertips, chin, and cheeks. Lines become blurred as I adjust, change, smooth angles. Your eyes, your smile are not right. I sketch you again, and somehow, my own image becomes fragmented, disjointed, a smear of darkness. Frustrated, I draw myself. Yet, when I peer into the mirror, my eyes haunt me, but I cannot convey this on paper despite my attempts. Ignoring the mirror, I start again. You and me, side-by-side, but somehow, despite numerous iterations, we never come together.


Sascha Darlington



Guitar God

I actually wrote this for the Carrot Ranch challenge in time, but didn’t edit or submit it in time. Things happen. 🙂

Let me know what you think. Sascha xoxo

Guitar God

I’ve worshiped at the altar of John forever, even named my Fender Stratocaster for him. Continue reading

The Score

Written in response to the black and white challenge offer by Charli Mills’ @ Carrot Ranch.


The Score

Until I was eighteen, I was Dad’s favorite. By focusing on my music, becoming the best mandolinist in the three states, I pursued Dad’s ambition, which had been squelched by pragmatic parents. Continue reading