NaNoWriMo Day 7, Soup’s On

soup's off cover

Update: In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t write during the day yesterday. Too much going on and that can be a hazard when you’re trying to get those 1667 words a day done.

So, I’m providing this section for Day 7 and am desperately hoping to catch up this evening for Day 8. I hope that there will be another post this evening.

The good things is that I have a pretty reasonable idea of what the next bit is going to be and then it gets hazy. Really, really hazy. 😀

I am open to suggestions.

Observation: I can feel dialogue wanting to take over so I keep drawing back and trying to describe the scene too. That’s not as much fun as writing dialogue.

Total word count: 11526

1810 words behind. 😦

You can read previous sections here.

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OctPoWriMo Day 4, The Watcher

Updated: because I evidently can’t count. 😀

Just one day to catch up on OctPoWriMo. Not too bad. Since I gave you a posting about cannibal cobras yesterday, I will continue with alliteration today, but with a poem about a not strange creature.


©Sascha Darlington


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OctPoWriMo Day 1–Surrender

It’s the October Poetry Writing Month! Let’s see how many poems I can manage to write this month! (There was a little sarcasm in that line, but if you didn’t notice, don’t worry. 🙂 )

Living in Virginia, I try to keep my feeder up for the northern batch of hummers migrating to the Caribbean (lucky them) or wherever it is they winter. As tiny as they are, it’s amazing to realize that they don’t fly in a flock but make the migration entirely on their own, flying low during the day to see flowers or feeders and then resting overnight. Bon voyage until next year, my tiny feathered friends!

hummingbird summer

©Sascha Darlington


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Autumn Sunset #amwriting #dVerse

I have not been part of the dVerse universe for a bit, but was thrilled to see this “prompt” and the beautiful pictures shared by Sharon Knight at sunearthsky, each of which could easily produce a poem. And the ones she’s inspired!

I selected the following picture, which spoke to me–because, yes, inanimate objects DO speak to me. 😉



© Sharon Knight

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Bees in Autumn #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington


Bees in Autumn

The door to mortality opened

this life, not a dress rehearsal,

the chill stings,

the bites of bees in autumn

you have under a hundred sunrises

I have never felt more alone.


Sascha Darlington

Her Empires Are Falling Down #amwriting

PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields

Thanks to Rochelle at Friday Fictioneers for hosting. If you’d like to join in and read the instruction, please visit her site here. To read more stories with this prompt, click here.

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Butterflies and Asters, Day 17 OctPoWriMo

OctPoWriMo Day 17



Butterflies and Asters


Each October the blue aster

periwinkle shaded, mustard yellow button

blooms, attracting bees, butterflies, moths

becoming the last open diner on

the highway to winter.


Years past, rains drenched the aster

toppling its lithe stems as it bloomed.

This year drought prolongs the feast

the stems sway gracefully in the warm breeze.


A fluttering above catches my eye.

An orange leaf falling from the indigo sky

except the leaf’s wings flutter and the orange

monarch lands upon the fragrant aster bloom.


end 10/17/2016

S. Darlington