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Christmas in the kitchen

flour integral décor

wide eyed children

“helping” to pour

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Darkest Before Dawn


All caught up with NaNo (for the moment) so I’m venturing into flashfiction. Flashfiction is easier, let me tell you. Get an idea, write it, edit it to the depths of its core. And you may just have something beautiful. A novel? All of that need to write extra words? 😉  I’ll make a good novel yet…and maybe even a brilliant flash. You never know. Cheers! This is written for Carrot Ranch. Continue reading

Shrouded Sun

Shrouded Sun


I cried as he spoke

of his little girl

of how a parent

should never bury a child

of how instead of girlish giggles

there’s cold silence

grayness on golden days

a single ubiquitous cloud

shrouding his sun.

How can one remain unmoved

knowing dreams, futures

smiles, songs, singing

laughter, weddings, babies–died?

Hearts cannot be mended with gauze.

Ice dwells where warmth was.



Sascha Darlington

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U is for Unforgiven #AtoZchallenge #amwriting



“Having children changes you.” These were the truest words Mother ever said.

The moment I held Maria, her big eyes surveying her world, I was smitten.

The second truest thing Mother said was “no matter how well you think you know someone, you don’t.”

Maria’s relationship with her father and me was different. She kept curfew, didn’t lie, and told me everything.

Mother said, “The greatest disappointment is finding out what you thought was true, wasn’t.”

Sitting on Maria’s twin bed, reading her journal, I amassed a list of those who would be unforgiven.

I was at the top.


end 4/25/2017

S. Darlington


She wed her piano teacher

she: starry eyed romantic, dreaming of children

laughter, holidays, aromas rising from the kitchen,

constant cheer, noise, hide and seek, changing diapers.

Cocktail parties for his rising star, cocktails for her

in the kitchen impaired, bitter, vitriolic.


Late, the last baby, afterthought or salvation

Amidst recriminations, anger for him and infidelities

Women coddled him, men he fucked

Home to screams of drunk wife and baby girl,

Sons pounding each other, other daughter jealousy green.


Baby daughter smiled always, mostly,

Fearing though the vicious mother temper

One word yielded spankings, one wrong turn more,

Child she was never bad, just curious, seeking, observing =

spanked, but not by philandering, adoring dad.


Too young she became fatherless

The mother’s temper calmed, bitterness never

Anger ruptured over all things, grudges grew

Daughter tried to mollify the feelings,

learning inward growth,


smiling alone, being alone, understanding alone.


Alone no one hurt you.


end 9/5/2016

S. Darlington