Hello, My Name Is #weekendcoffeeshare


If we were having coffee, or tea, definitely tea for me right now, I’d reintroduce myself because I feel like it’s been quite awhile since I’ve (me the personal person, writer person, not reviewer person) been here.

November is like that though, for me anyway except this one had to be slightly different as I’ve been…get this…sick since Tuesday. There is a target on me this year. It’s an invisible one if it’s there. Because I’ve looked! But I’m not having it. Not any more. Continue reading


Release Time!

Welcome to my crazy world. Oh, forgive me. This is completely normal!

This is not venting because I’m not angry at the world or miffed or whatever it is that makes people want to vent. We’ll call it my release…because that’s the daily prompt and as good of a word as any. We’ll call it the releasing of a balloon into a brilliant blue sky. Continue reading