The Long Drive Home, The First One

So when I put up last week’s The Long Drive Home for the Carrot Ranch free-write, I told you all that I had actually written another one that needed some tweaking. Unfortunately the required tweaking was probably not as much as thought. I don’t know if this was a better one and I should have gone with this one, but it no longer matters. Hindsight and all of that.

Sooooo…….. oh, and it’s minimally longer than the regulations because, well, obviously I’m not submitting it…..


The Long Drive Home, The First One

This could be a Bob Dylan song, ‘The Long Drive Home” with Drew behind the wheel of this old pick-up and me staring into the passing darkness, except there isn’t any music, and Drew pretends I don’t exist. Continue reading


Carrot Ranch 24 Hour Free Write The Long Drive Home


Yep. Today was not a good day for me. We all have them, and we all push through because we have to.

I wrote something in the wee hours after seeing the prompt, edited a bit, went to sleep, and then this evening decided that I wouldn’t submit it for the free-write. The plot needs a bit more delicate handling, which I wasn’t feeling today.

I had a second idea wandering around in my head partly based on a childhood experience after a death in West Virginia, so I ran with it, so to speak. At 11:15 pm. Unfortunately that means I haven’t rummaged through the words the way I normally would and already picked up something that typically I would have re-written. As always, I consider this a learning experience.

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Carrot Ranch Free Write: Cool, Clear Water

For most of the day, I had nothing. Too much to do? Too many stories in my head? Regardless, nothing…and then I decided to play with the words and this is what came about for the 24-hour free write.

If you haven’t entered the contest yet, there are still two more free-writes after this one. Check it out here.

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Carrot Ranch 2nd Free Write: Eulogies

Thank you to D. Avery for pointing out my typo of 267…if that had been true rather than the exact 297…argh!

Today was the second 24-hour free write for Carrot Ranch. I meant to read the prompt before I went to sleep last night, but I was happily out for a late dinner and completely

forgot about checking the prompt until this morning. So much for sleeping on the prompt and letting my subconscious go to work.

I went with my “gut” on this one as Charli suggests in her write-up.  My gut told me to do something out of the ordinary so here it is. For the prompt of “Papa’s bar,” my “story” Eulogies.

Thanks to Charli and the judges for this opportunity.

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Carrot Ranch Rodeo Free Write: Scar Tissue

Yesterday I participated in the 24-hour free-write for the Carrot Ranch Rodeo 2018. If you don’t know what that is and would like to find out more and possibly enter the competition (which will probably be a fantastic learning experience!), you can check out the details here. There are more free-writes in September, so even though you may have missed yesterday’s, you can still do one or all of the others.

I do plan on doing all of them as long as circumstances permit. 297 words is out of my comfort zone of 100. 🙂 And, I’d also like to get out of the habit of feeling like I’m writing within the box rather than out of it. (I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’m never sure where the box is.)

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