The Art of the Rate

Maybe it’s no art.

I think some arrogance may be attached to book blogging and reviewing. We read a novel and review it, give it some numerical rating that means: I loved it or I hated it or somewhere in between. Continue reading


I Won’t Back Down — #WeekendCoffeeShare

novelist fuel mug

It’s been weeks since we’ve shared coffee, or in my case, tea. There’s been lots and lots of PG Tips during the past week!

What do coffee drinkers drink when they get sick? I did consider a cup of coffee yesterday just for the pick-me-up factor, but stuck with tea. Tea is my comfort food of beverages.

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Book Challenge

Back in January, when the year was fresh and cold, I decided that this was going to be an easy reading year so I signed up for the yearly challenge and thought that 65 books would be fair. One book a week and then just a few extras for the beach.

This is proof that I didn’t intend to be a book blogger this year.

And the results of being a book blogger:



You have read 100 books of your goal of 65!

100/65 (154%)

Yes, I had a wee bit of a giggle over that today when I saw I’d managed 154% of the challenge . . . with more to come because I may have slightly overcommitted myself for September and October. But what is a book addict to do when they see books…books they want to devour?

Happy Friday!
Sascha D.