three line tales, week 107: diaries, roses and bobbins with sewing thread

Written for 3 Line Tales



In my grandmother’s hope chest, I come across a photo for which I have no meaning–thread spools and a diary. Continue reading


His and Hers #SoCS

Written for SoCS 2/17/2018

His and Hers

His day starts like any other, shower, fix cereal with berries, read the newspaper. Lately they don’t talk. That’s what 20 years will do for you. What is there new to learn? Continue reading

Joyful Fugue #amwriting


© Sascha Darlington


This is my first time writing to a dVerse–Poets Pub Prompt. If you wish to take part, you’ll find the information HERE.


Joyful Fugue

Chiles, eggplant, tomatoes

crave soil, capricious temperatures

stay my impulse to plant.

Soon, I think, soon.

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W is for Weary #AtoZchallenge #amwriting



Today a driver saw a laundry bag moving in the middle of route 7 and stopped to investigate. Two small dogs were inside. Someone had tossed them in the road to get rid of them instead of taking them to a shelter.

At the rescue the pup looked up at me with big eyes, and I cried. She put her paws on my chest and licked at my tears, demonstrating a huge capacity for forgiveness.

Weariness has tainted my ability to forgive people who don’t comprehend that the sanctity of life extends to all creatures.

I wonder, will they ever understand?


end 4/27/2017

S. Darlington