Louie the Loaner Dog

Today I received some sad news at the microcosm. Louie the Loaner Dog, who has visited here several times and who taught me that not all chihuahuas are yappy and snappy, passed away during the holidays. I will miss his cuddles and frenetic playing with his rat toy as well as his sweet and gentle disposition. Such a character, our little Louie.

louie in august 2018

Louie in August of 2018 with his favorite rat toy.


Louie, dear one, you were much loved and you will be missed.

A Louie link:

Bittersweet, a haibun




Regression #amwriting

So I am almost back. I arrived home from vacation very late on Sunday night, but have been trying to catch up with so many things. One thing I’ve noticed since I became a book blogger is that when I go on vacation I no longer read the number of books that I used to read (around six or seven down to ¾?). In fact, I read a good portion of a book that was at the rental property called “Necessary Losses” by Judith Viorst because shouldn’t a person read something dismal (yet semi-enlightening) while on a great holiday?! ha. However, I didn’t read much of any of the books I was supposed to read. Ketchup time! Continue reading