Linc and Annie Confession

Blurgh. I have never done this. I have failed. 😦 (erm, to clarify, I have failed lots of times. I have just never abandoned a story. [yikes, yikes, yikes!])

I got lost on the Linc and Annie story to such a horrifying degree that I can’t continue. I could, but then I might be introducing zombies, because, well, zombies. Unlike a lot of serials by other bloggers, I don’t write mine in advance, except if I get really excited by a story arc and write ahead. And, obviously this has its downfalls because it means that I might go off somewhere where there is no return, which is what I feel has happened here. (And it’s all bloody live….erg!)

I could tell you that Ry got into a bad deal that involved out-of-towners who then thought maybe Annie had something she didn’t. I could tell you that Annie’s older sister had an affair with Ry and then tried to murder a bunch of women who she distrusted and then after hitting Annie over the head disappeared into the sunset…or sunrise.

However, I like Linc and Annie as characters (not to mention Great Aunt Shirl) and I like the beginning of the story, so it might take another form somewhere along the line.

Do I do mea culpas at this point?

Okay. To make up, I offer a short story I wrote a few years ago called The Gray Area. (It’s not humorous, sorry.) Look for my next post.

PS I am open to hear anything you want to say on the matter. If you want to send me a suggestion on how to dig myself out of the hole, I’m happy to hear it. If you truly want me to figure out a way to go on, I am willing to reconsider.  🙂