Bonds Unravel #amwriting

daylily nightmare.jpg

Daylily Nightmare

Bonds Unravel

My lace wool knots with a mere glance

leaving me to unravel bonds

as life does by my inattention.

Sascha Darlington


Timely–Day 13 #NaPoWriMo #amwriting

Spring’s sun ray fingerings


removing winter’s heaviness

so sublimely timely.

end 4/13/2017

S. Darlington

Today’s observation: Friday the 13th is on a Thursday this month!

every day

every day

i wait for him to come home, evening after evening, warming cold dinner, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be

he’s overworked, fatigued, his words a mumble as he chews, his eyelids drooping

i nudge gently so he doesn’t choke, wondering why we live for holidays and not for every day.

years edge away, tucking in the months, like blankets around cold old toes

end 1/19/2017

S. Darlington



This world feels emptier without you. The echoing years, walking through time, without your raucous laugh, your sarcastic wit, your rich laughing brown eyes. All of forever days without you. When you planned, did you understand the hole you’d leave?


S. Darlington